It’s snowing! Ok, maybe not….

Red Gradation Dots French with Nailgrafx

Paint the town red this holiday season. Or better yet, paint it red with polka dots and snow flakes!  While you pick up those candy canes, and peppermint mocha lattes, do so with style. Why not be the envy of every girl at the bar who’s sipping a martini with her pinky in the air? Have some fun, get creative, and best of all spend some time with me while we paint your nails with holiday magic.  Only 14 more days of holiday bliss!







Red nails with white snowflake Nailgrafx.

Christmas is near….


This is the time of year it’s okay to sing at the top of your lungs at the holiday party. No one judges; it’s expected. That’s why they make Christmas music so catchy! Match your nails to your newly discovered extrovert self and go wild with a different look for each finger…or TOE! Who says you have to pick just one favorite scene or decoration? There are NO rules during the holidays. So take advantage and be festive!

Can’t wait until the next blog post to see other decorative options? Come into the salon and peruse pics of ones I’ve painted in the past to get inspiration. Only 7 more days of cheer until the new year!



Multi Design Christmas Nails




Santa Suit and Hat

More Holiday Nail Art

Here’s some not so Christmasy nails that are still great for the holidays.


Dazzle Dry Polish for bows

Holiday Nails

Stuffed Christmas Stockings

Ladies, don’t panic, but Christmas is two weeks away!  OMG!!  You still have time to fit in a manicure and some nail art.  Check out these fun holiday nails. Some inspired by Robin Moses.

Frosted White Candycane

Red and Silver Glitter

Fall is here and the holidays are coming!

Well, Halloween has come and gone.  It’s official, the holidays are upon us.  Are you staying in town for the holidays?  What yummy food does your family traditionally have?  My family does all the old standards: ham, turkey, dressing, broccoli rice casserole, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole, pecan pie, punkin pie.  🙂

Things are getting really booked up at Bloomingnails.   Take a look at your calendar and lets get you booked so your nails are fabulous (maybe even decorated?) for the holidays.







Halloween Nail Art

Goblins, ghosts, witches, and ghouls.  Zombies, vampires, and Angry Birds.  How are you dressing up for Halloween?  Do your nails match your costume?  Check out these fun Halloween nails.  It’s not to late….you can still get yours done….



Black and orange glitter tips

Fun Halloween ghouls

Popular Accent Nails


You’ve probably seen lots of women with one fingernail on each hand done in a different color than all the rest.  It’s a very striking, and popular look these days.  Recently a waitress told me she sees it on a lot of her customers nails.  This can be done with any color combination, whether complimentary colors or even a different shade of the same color.  Some are using glitter as the accent color on the nail instead of nail polish.  And then some are going a step further and adding nail art to the accent nails, or even to all of the nails.  There are so many possibilities.  What fun!

Here’s a look at my own nails I did recently (top pic).  I used Bio Sculpture Gel to create this coral and turquoise look.  On one turquoise nail I added little silver beads.  On the other I did a fun marbling technique with white and turquoise gel.  It’s capped off with a silver disc with a spiral pattern.  The bottom pic is another fun example of the accent nail with neon gel and purple glitter.

Michele McLendon


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